Collaborative Learning - Upskill from within

Identify and close skill gaps quickly and make your team competitive in tomorrow’s world.

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Get a handle on your team with these features.

First class user experience

With a 91% course completion rate (vs. 20% for legacy eLearning platforms) the user experience speaks for itself.

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On- und Offboarding paths

Indispensable knowledge has to be transferred in a controlled and targeted way. Use our learning paths and you will be thrilled. On- and offboarding paths help to introduce new employees efficiently and without loss of quality and to accompany those leaving in the best possible way and relieve your HR, leaders and colleagues in the process.

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The LMS for collaborative learning

Learn together and you will succeed together! Experts and learners shape the training agenda and course content together.

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Content creation is a breeze

Take your course creation time from 3-6 months to just 17 minutes.

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