FLOWIT Performance Lite

Reduce the time and effort of your employee reviews by 80%

✔️ Simple digital surveys
✔️ No more spreadsheets or stacks of paper
✔️ Save time and effort

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Easily create review questionnaires

Create review questionnaires easily and intuitively using our psychologically validated templates.

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Automated invitations and reminders

FLOWIT sends invitations and automatically reminds employees about open reviews. Never run after your employees again.


Keep the overview at all times

FLOWIT tracks the status of your reviews. The platform supports you in conducting reviews with all employees.

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Reach all your employees

Our app translates questionnaires automatically. This way you really reach all employees, whether in the office, in production or in the field.


Automated AI Evaluations

FLOWIT's AI generates real-time evaluations and summaries at company, team, and employee level. Learn what's on your employees' minds and get immediate recommendations how to take action.

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Advanced data security

Your employee data is secured according to the guidelines of the GDPR and the revDSG (CH).


Ensure compliance

Meet your contractual obligations and any guidelines of your certifications thanks to FLOWIT.

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