FLOWIT Performance

Boost your people’s performance through better feedback

Clear goals and continuous feedbacks related to them are key to improve performance and scale your business.

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Get a handle on your team with these features.

Goals and OKRs

Use the leadership and HR method that suits you the best, FLOWIT is completely adaptable. Simply make sure the company’s vision, team goals and personal development goals are aligned.

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Totally flexible team structures

Build your company and team structure as you need it. No matter as you have agile teams with a bottom-up feedback menthality, a traditional leadership culture or no more leaders at all. FLOWIT can map this for you.

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Time saving automated 360° feedback

Create your own review process, cycles and extensions that fit best for your teams. Let FLOWIT run the feedback reviews and reminders for you. Enjoy the position where you have the overview and transparency over the process.

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